My favourite artists from Ukraine

Five years ago my good friend from school showed me an Ukrainian band called Okean Elzy. And I fell in love immediately. Now I am a big fan of Ukrainian music and I would like to present you few fantastic bands and singers.

Okean Elzy

OE is the most famous and in Ukraine. They are also known abroad, for example in Poland, Germany or Canada. Their music is a pop-rock but very good pop-rock. Okean Elzy’s front man write texts about love, peace and spring. I very like the texts.

Vopli Vidopliassova

I have no idea how to describe Vopli Vidopliasova. I can tell you the recorder a cover of “Highway to hell” with Ukrainian words on accordion. It is really amazing! Their texts are about politics, society – they criticize many things – but also about summer, holiday and Christmas. They use traditional folk music of Ukraine and mix it with punk rock.

Khrystyna Soloviy

Young girl with beautiful voice and sensibility, who loves Lemko culture. Soloviy’s music I describe as ambitious pop. And she also records amazing videos.  Now I dream about see her on concert. Maybe one day this dream come true.


Jamala is jazz-artist. She became famous after one Eurovision Contest, where she sung about Tatars genocide. Now she plays concerts on the whole world and writes new songs.

Braty Hadiukiny

I believe Braty Hadiukiny is the most important Ukrainian band. They and their front man Serhiy Kuzminskyi completely changed the Ukrainian scene. They made an Ukrainian rock’n’roll just before USSR was destroyed. Now Kuzminskyi is dead but his music still plays in Ukrainians’ hearts.

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