My top 5 songs ever

I love to make different lists of “tops”. Top 10 book, top 5 bands, top 3 post-apo movies… So today I prepared a list of my favourite songs ever.

  1. Die Toten Hosen, Unstreblich

The German band Die Toten Hosen is almost cult punk-group the world. They are like The Exploited or Sex Pistols. But my favourite song is not about anarchy or “f*cking the system”.  It’s about love. And loves make us immortal. Sometimes.

  1. Gotan Project, Santa Maria

Do you know “Shall we dance?” movie with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez? There is one scene when Lopez teach Gere how to dance tango. They dance with a Gotan Project song called Santa Maria. It is so amazing! I love the scene and I love the song. And modern tango is simply cool.

  1. Vopli Vidopliassova, Vesna

This song about belief that one day everything will be better. And about spring.

  1. J.D. Overdrive, Into the same river

J.D.Overdrive is a polish band who plays southern rock. And they do it well! Into the same river is their only ballad.

  1. Apocalyptica, Bittersweet

I remember how Apocalyptica started their career. They recorded an album with cover songs and called it “Plays Metallica by the four cellos”. They come from Finland and in 2013 they cooperated with other Finnish famous artist – Lauri Ylönen & Ville Valo and recorded song Bittersweet. It is dark and romantic. Perfect for young people who would like to belong to the Goths but don’t know yet dark electro.

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